Life After Death - Damien Echols I really never knew anything about the "West Memphis 3" case until I heard about the men getting out of prison. I picked up this memoir because I was curious what Mr. Echols had to say about his time in prison. While I didn't think the book would be a walk through the park, I expected it to be different than I found it. It was very slow, slightly disjointed and at times didn't make much sense. I can't even imagine what Mr. Echols was going through nor do I presume his guilt or innocence but I struggled with a lot of this book. Between his stories about his treatment in jail and his relationship with his family and the law, I definitely feel like there was a lot of trauma in Mr. Echols' life but I still have so many questions. It also made me wonder about the involvement of celebrities in his case and how much that had to do with him being set free. And that just makes me sad. I'm not saying that everyone on Death Row or in prison is innocent but if celebrities are involved it seems to make it easier for someone to go free and that's what makes me sad. I don't even want to think about how many people are incarcerated for something they didn't do and how many people are still walking free because they didn't get caught or what have you. I don't know. This book did not sit well with me but at least it got me thinking and for that I am always thankful.