The Silver Chain - Primula Bond Oh silly silly book. Let me summarize it for you while re-enacting the story.

Serena: I am an inexperienced photographer who has only slept with 1 guy at the ripe old age of 20.
Gustav: I am creepy vampire-esque man who waits for women outside my house.
Serena: You must have sex with me.
Gustav: You must have a drink with me.
Serena: Fine. Oops I have to go to a party and be a cock tease while thinking of you.
Gustav: You forgot your camera when you left. I looked through your pictures. I own a gallery. You will be my sex slave until all your pictures are sold and I will give you 50% of the profit.
Serena: Okay. Sounds reasonable.
Gustav: You will wear this chain everywhere.
Serena: Okay. I take naughty pictures and will tell everyone about them.
Gustav: I will make you move into my house with the room full of things that remind me of my terrible ex-wife.
Serena: I love you. I hate you. I love you. I hate you.
Gustav: I can't live without you.

Stacie: Meh, this book had some hot scenes but overall, was just kind of silly.